Two and a Half

It’s finally here–Spring Quarter of my senior year.  With eleven quarters under my belt (that sounds scary just thinking about…), I’m *actually* in the final stretch of my college career.  Spring break was relaxing and fun and pretty much everything that I needed after such an exhausting finish to last quarter.  Coming back to Evanston was a slight downer, though, when it proceeded to rain and then snow this past weekend…but really, what’s so surprising about that, right?

I spent a good deal of the week “easing” back into being on campus.  It’s funny how ten or so days away makes the place feel *a little* different when you return.  I have felt overwhelmed in flashes this week, but the brute of the quarter has yet to hit me, so I should conserve my anxiety, ha.

I got back my thesis draft from my seminar adviser AND thesis adviser.  A lot of work ahead of me and now only about four and a half weeks left to do it.  Every day counts, so I hope that pressure starts to kick in.  My draft needs a lot, a lot, a lot of work.  As  it happens, I’m presenting my project to a group of undergrads, grads, and faculty members in a couple weeks (April 16); it’s part of a coffee/tea series that’s being hosted by the Asian American Studies Program.  I’m one of three seniors in the series, and since I’m a minor in the program, it’s going to be an opportunity for me to talk about my project as well as receive feedback.  I’m excited  about the event yet quite nervous about it, too.  I’m hoping that the meeting will be a good deadline for me as I prepare for my final thesis submission, which is coming up just on May 5 (!!!).

I’ve been thinking about job-related prospects recently, but I keep telling myself to sidestep the matter and hold off on thinking about it until after May 5.  I know things will work out…it’s just a little nerve-wrecking at points.

One of my closest Northwestern friends (and former roommate) Fran is currently abroad in South Africa.  She left just this past weekend and started to chronicle her trip in a blog called “A Safari for Frances.”  It was very exciting to hear about  her experiences so far, and I’ll be thinking of her over the next couple months.  Angela is still in Spain, too.  All these friends in other continents :)  Geez.  Suddenly, Chicago seems like nothing!

Next Friday, April 10, will be my last day at my publishing internship.  It will certainly feel a little sad to leave because I got so used to the people, the office, and the work.  A whole year is wrapped up in this one great experience, so it’s a little bittersweet but I know that my time there is coming to a close; it’s also pretty indicative of how the next couple months will gesture in changes, decisions, and goodbyes.

I’ll update about classes next week once I’ve gotten a better taste of them.  For what it’s worth, I did decide to only take three classes this quarter because I didn’t need the fourth credit.  Moreover, thesis writing and my subsequent job search will take up more time than I’ll want, so I didn’t want to put myself in a position to feel too overextended, particularly in my last month or two of college.  Eeek.

I periodically check in on this one cooking blog that I really like (truth be told, I probably like the site so much because all the recipes come with pictures!).  The dishes and desserts always look so good, and in my sweet tooth craving mood tonight, I picked out two recipes I want to bake sometime: Snickerdoodle Blondies and S’more Cookie Bars.  I’ll let you know how they turn out if and when I make them.  Mmm…I love desserts so much.

Well, things are winding up slowly here but I’m sure by this time next week I’ll feel like my plate is about to tilt over.  In a good way, I think, though…it is my last quarter, so I’m trying to enjoy it as best I can.  Lots to do in the next four and  a half weeks with my thesis, but I will feel LIKE A ROCK STAR once I submit my project.  I haven’t booked my tickets yet, but I’m planning to fly home the weekend after my thesis is due.  My older brother Dan is graduating from law school that weekend (along with all my friends from home, ahhhh–nuts), it’s Mother’s Day weekend (and I love my momma), and it’ll also be a nice treat/getaway to unwind from the chaos that will be finishing my  honors thesis.  Things will feel golden after that.  I mean, I’ll have to find a job, but really, May 6 and onward will feel so nice.

Well, that about rounds out this update.

In short–Spring Break: good, good.  Spring Quarter: can’t believe it’s actually here.  Spring Weather: still waiting.


One response to “Two and a Half

  1. Yum… if we found marshmallow creme and graham crackers, we could totally make these tonight. :P


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