I realized back in February 2009 that I had a lot of “big changes” ahead of me. Between wrapping up my final year of college and thinking about future plans, I wanted an effective way to keep my friends and family in the loop. Let’s be honest, how many times does a college senior get asked, “So what are you doing next year?” In addition to filling in the continually developing “blank” of that question, I knew it would also be nice for me to take the time to reflect on all the ups and downs of these months. Thus, I started a blog.

Originally, the name of my blog reflected the months I had left before graduation (when I first started this project): four and a half and counting. Before I knew it, graduation was here and gone. Nevertheless, the name proves to be just as relevant because it represents a similar excitement, anticipation, and uncertainty. Although graduating from Northwestern University felt a little unreal–lots of nostalgic encounters and hurried goodbyes, it was a great turning point for looking ahead to future endeavors.

In mid-August of 2009, I took a big step and relocated back to my home state of North Carolina. Make no mistake, I loved living in the Midwest; it really is true that you can fall in love with a city, and Chicago treated me well for four years. After months of consideration, I finally realized that reconnecting with my friends and family in NC was an important priority. So, here I am.

I will certainly have more stories to share as I embark on new adventures, so please stay in touch and don’t be a stranger.    //crc

“I am an idealist.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.”
-Carl Sandburg