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Random Short-Term Goals

1. Assemble my publicity/marketing portfolio

2. Continue jogging (I started it back up last week–just need to keep with it!)

3. Read the following books: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis; Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert; The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon; Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen; and any Dave Eggers book.   (I have an awful habit of starting several books at once, which is why I am actually partway through at least three of the titles I listed…)  At some point, I would also like to revisit Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand; we have a love/hate relationship and have never been able to follow through.

4. Brush up on my Korean speaking and writing skills (While writing a thank you note in Korean to my grandparents, I realized how much I have forgotten…not so good.)

5. Write moreanything, whether it’s short stories, poetry, non-fiction, blog updates, or just “semi-organized” gibberish.  I just need more of it.


One Week, Three Things

1. I’m in the process of writing a long update about graduation weekend.  I haven’t been able to finish it yet, but it should be posted by tomorrow–along with photos!

2. Today has felt really “discouraging” on the job front.  I’m trying not to let it get to me, but it’s difficult, you know?

3. I’ve been bouncing around different places doing job search stuff.  I went to Argo Tea the past couple days and now I’m at Cafe Mozart (600 Davis St, Evanston).  Parv, Rebecca is back working part-time.  She didn’t remember me but I brought you up and we had a quick exchange :)

(4. When all else fails, listening to Bloc Party has kept me at ease these days.  Listen to them–now.)

Point number two was really sitting with me, so I just wanted to get it out there.  And now I’ll continue to draft cover letters and send out my resume.  Okay, the next time you hear from me I’ll make sure to fill you in on all of the excitement from this past week.  Be well, friends.

“Mushaboom” [Feist]

It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon in Evanston, which is ideal for staying in bed to take care of odds and ends.  To follow-up my last few posts, my week did take a turn for the better.  Here’s the latest:

1. Thursday: I was nervous about my presentation for the Asian American Studies Coffee/Tea Series (an opportunity for seniors to discuss their thesis work), but it actually went REALLY WELL.  I was pretty stressed the night before because I was trying to juggle getting things organized plus writing a paper for another class.  Not to mention the fact that this would be a more formal setting for me to talk about my thesis…and I was super self-conscious about it all since things are still “in-progress.”  (Late Wednesday evening, a walk outside and a trip to Starbucks with Parv was a nice way to recalibrate.)

Anyway, I eventually prepared a talk specifically for the event = me talking for thirty minutes straight, whew.  Then, the next hour was spent answering questions from professors as well as hearing feedback about different aspects of my project.  The small group discussion was really what I needed to feel energized about my project, and the professors all had constructive things to say.  And were generally really awesome to talk to (these are moments I’ll miss about college…)–all around a good experience.

2. Sociology Paper Contest: Although there was much work that could have been done on my Exum Award submission, I only had a limited amount of time given everything going on this week.  That said, I spent a couple hours on revisions and submitted a copy of my paper on Friday.  We’ll see if anything happens with it.  I won the award last year, but my paper was very different and quite polished on its own at the time.

3. Weekend Getaway: Parv and I toyed with the idea of going to Boston over Memorial Day weekend.  The idea dissolved after we realized it was a bad time to visit her older sister, who lives in the area.  (The idea came up at dinner once when I expressed an interest in going away that weekend, perhaps to Washington, D.C.?  But then Parv suggested Boston, and I liked the idea since  I’ve never been there…well, been there and remembered it–being five doesn’t count…)  I am still interested in getting away for a bit…any ideas are welcome.  As well as offers to stay on couches :)

4. Yikes: I graduate in exactly two months–June 19, 2009.

5. A Relief: The block I was feeling at the beginning of the week finally lifted, and now I’m just steadily trying to get work done.  Lots to do, of course, but hopefully I can just stay with it.  One day at a time, going and going.

Weekend Update

1. Internship: I finished up my NGSP internship on Friday.  I had a pretty nice, relaxed last day, though it felt a little strange to clean things out from my desk and say goodbye to folks…I had a great year-long run there, and I’ll definitely stop in to say hello to everybody later in the spring.  One chapter closed, many more ahead.

2. Thesis: It’s coming along slowly but surely.  I need to be getting more work done on it, but it’s just not happening as quickly as I’d like.  I know everything will come together eventually.  I’ve also been organizing weekend brunches for the American Studies seniors, so it’s nice to see folks every week; we’ve been going to Le Peep (a popular breakfast/brunch cafe around Evanston), though we may try somewhere else next week.  This was round two since we’ve been back, and it’s been a slightly different group of about 3-4 of us (out of 8).  All in all, a good way to get out and see each other.

3. Job Search: I found a job listing for a pretty neat Scholastic position in Charlotte, NC.  I don’t know if I’m quite qualified, but I really believe I’m qualified enough…I’m not sure how I feel about living in Charlotte, but the thought has (remarkably) grown on me over the past day or so.  I’m hoping that maybe if I get my act together this week with school work, I can throw together my resume and a cover letter for this position…just as a long shot option.  I haven’t officially started applying anywhere, but I’ve been shopping around trying to see what’s available.  I plan on devoting much of May to my job search.

4. Miscellaneous: I bought a 3-pack of Starbucks’s new “Via” instant coffee; I am sad to say I am one of those people who keeps the company in business (more and more, it seems, these days…hmm).  As someone who doesn’t own a coffeemaker (I will one day when I have the counter space…),  I can only make instant coffee, but it tastes watered down and is never as flavorful as freshly brewed coffee.  I’d say that even though Via is not exactly the same as a fresh cup of coffee, it’s definitely better than the usual instant coffee.  And I’m a fan.

5. What’s the seven-day forecast? Easter Mass in the morning, Easter potluck lunch hosted by my friends Steve and Gracie tomorrow afternoon (I’m making scalloped parmesan gratin–we’ll see how it goes!), lots-o-thesis-work, revising my submission for the Exum Award (a contest for papers about race/ethnicity, sponsored by the Sociology Department; cash prize of $300, woot), first paper due for my AfAm class, giving my thesis talk on Thursday for the Asian American Studies Coffee/Tea Series (!!), then a slight sigh of relief on Friday for getting through the week.

March Seventh

Because I love lists:

1. Yesterday was about 65 and sunny in Evanston = AMAZING.  I’m excited for the springtime :)

2. Happy 22nd Birthday, Andrew!

3. School has been incredibly busy these days, and it’s been difficult to get work done, but I’m hopeful about this last stretch.  I have an Evolution exam on Monday, an Asian Am paper to write, and my thesis draft due all within the next week and a half.  Then, I’ll be home in North Carolina enjoying time with family & friends (can’t wait).

4. I’ve been trying to get better at saying “no” to different time commitments; I’ve been feeling overextended at points these past few weeks, but things have steadily gotten better.  Keep on, keeping on?

5. Lots to do this weekend.  More to come later.

5 Thoughts for Wednesday

1. The 4-piece chicken tenders at BK cost $1.00 while the 8-piece costs $2.09–I got two 4-piece orders for lunch.  This is just silly.  Really silly.

2. I had a webcam conversation with Angela late, late on Monday night.  I love that we can talk even though she is in Spain at the moment :)

3.  Deciding what I “want to do with the rest of my life” isn’t going to be decided today.  Or tomorrow.  My brother made a good point about the fact that what we really want is to be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished in our lives.  I certainly believe that we seek after that kind of “satisfaction” through a number of mediums.  I’m not saying that I’m going to just go along and see what happens, but I guess that’s always a part of it, right?  Understanding that these questions can’t all be answered now, that things will change (our interests, circumstances, priorities), and that in the end, we just want meaning and substance  in our lives and in what we do, however that is carried out.

4. I’ve been listening to Howie Day’s “Collide” on repeat.  I could probably listen to a song on repeat all week (I go through different phases); it’s pretty bad.  And for whatever reason, this song seems to match well with the slightly cool, overcast weather today.

5. I am about 90% certain that I will cut my hair once I complete my thesis draft in early March.  I am strangely anxious about it, yet really psyched.

Three Random Things

1. It’s raining here in Evanston.  I can’t remember the last time we had rain versus snow/sleet/hail/etc.

2. My netbook is supposed to arrive today, so I am secretly excited about my new toy.

3. After just about two years of keeping my hair long, I’m thinking about going back to cutting it short.  Eek.  We’ll see what I actually decide…it’s been a lingering temptation.

Heading to work now, then meeting with my thesis adviser.  Home afterward to study and get some writing in.  I know it sounds strange, but Wednesdays are kind of my favorite day of the week.  I don’t know why (I think it’s strange, too).